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The 2016 WUR genome award

“Get your genome for free”

To celebrate the arrival of the new PacBio Sequel machine at WUR, you @ WUR can now win a sequenced and annotated genome for FREE. The genome size for this context is limited to 50 Mb haploid genome size.

How to win:

Submit a short application (up to 250 words) at WUR Genome Award describing your genome of interest and why it needs to be sequenced urgently.
The deadline for submission is Friday September 30, 2016 at 16.00 hrs. The winner will be announced the Tuesday October 4, 2016 at 15.00 hrs. For more information, please contact Gabino Sanchez Perez, Chair of the Award Committee, at gabino.sanchezperez@wur.nl

Terms and Conditions:

1. Participation is restricted to individuals with an employment contract at WUR.
2. The application must use the webform offered and include:
participant’s full name and email address
participant’s Department or Business Unit
descriptive title for the project
proposal including importance and potential impact (max 250 words).
3. The application should be sent in no later than Friday 30th September 2016 16.00 hrs. Later applications will not be taken into consideration.
4. Application implies that the information contained in the application is true and correct, without any restriction on disclosure and use by participant and WUR.
5. The winner will be selected from all qualified applications by an Award Committee of the WUR NGS sequencing facility and announced the 1st week of October.
6. The Award Committee will decide on the most appropriate sequencing technology that will be used for the winning application Decisions regarding the award of the prize are subject solely to the discretion of the Award Committee. Decisions of the Award Committee are final and will not be subject to any appeal, protest, or review.
7. The Award Committee has the right to cancel the award of the prize for any reason according to their discretion only.
8. The winner must ensure timely delivery (1st November 2016 the latest) of at least 10 micrograms of high-quality, double-stranded, high molecular weight DNA at 100 ng/ul concentration for library construction and sequencing. The winner is responsible for timely delivery, as well as the quality and the quantity of the DNA required.
9. The genome sequence and its annotation will be delivered before the end of January 2017.
10. The organizers will not disclose the information submitted on and in connection with the contest. By winning the contest, the participant grants that the data generated becomes publicly available and can be used for educational purposes.

Welcome to Applied BioInformatics

We @ WUR offer you the latest in high throughput DNA sequencing and analysis technology. Delivering genomes in ways that can be directly used for research and application is our core expertise, especially in targeting complex genomes.
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This we combine with state-of-the-art computational infrastructure focussing on high quality hybrid assembly, annotation, data integration as well as appropriate use and developments of tools and technologies.
Our infrastructure and expertise boost biological innovation by exploiting the DNA sequence of the genome.
Advances in DNA applications require a reference genome, a pangenome or genomes of populations to drive progress. All genomic DNA may be equal, but some genomes are more equal than others. Determining a genome sequence is not really a challenge any more, except when a genome is polyploid, highly repetitive or otherwise complex. Effective exploitation of genomes for breeding, biotech, biomedical, or veterinary applications, is a different story. You can easily drown in data and tools available. Our expertise helps you extract considerable added value from large data sets.
Your data. Your BIG data.

On this website, we highlight the expertise, infrastructure and track record of the Applied Bioinformatics group of Wageningen UR that is available for your innovation and development.