In silico success

Any idea what the part of the genome you are interested in is actually doing? Where are the genes and regulatory elements? How do these relate to traits of commercial interest? How can these be used for crop improvement, better diagnostics or more resource-efficient production? A genome sequence is only useful when it contributes to your understanding of its function. We are specialised in automated annotation of gene functions using the latest software, incorporating available public and/or your in-house data. Moreover, we master innovative algorithms to predict gene function using networks of heterogeneous data.

For automated annotation of genes, regulatory elements or other elements in any genome, we exploit an integrated computational pipeline based on MAKER. We excel in supervised machine learning to assign functions to genome elements and we include the biological interpretation of genetic variation. To guide and speed up costly experimental validation of annotation, we are experts in the prediction of gene function (hence traits-of-interest), using network-based computational approaches and big data integration.